Updated people list. People I admire for their political and social stances, ppl who are cool writers/authors, ppl who seem to be justice-oriented (no matter how that manifests in their lives/endeavors), and ppl who seem to be pursuing cool things in their life. I make these lists evry so often :3 I like to do these and post them online at my discretion 😉

I love these ppl. They give me life-


Book Recommendations ⤵️

One book that has helped/is helping me out of some difficult times, and negative feelings: The Untethered Soul. This book is cool. I like books about spirituality, and using negative experiences to find peace. Finding peace not in spite of negative experiences, but because of them, in many ways. Using painful experiences to open you heart more, and transcend to higher states – ones you wouldn’t have attained had it not been for those difficult times. Idk, I guess that’s how I would describe this book – or at least an aspect of it:


*Other books;

Some books that I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet :3 —

  • Nobody Knows My Name, by James Baldwin
  • Anarchism and Other Essays, by Emma Goldman
  • Awareness: Conversations With The Masters, by Anthony De Mello
  • Rumi: the Book Of Love. Poems Of Ecstasy and Longing. translated by Coleman Barks
  • Only As The Day Is Long: New and Selected Poems, by Dorianne Laux
  • Justice: What’s The Right Thing To Do? By Michael J. Sandel
  • The Other America: Poverty In The United States, by Michael Harrington.

A couple of vids I love more than most other things in life:

Young Girl in Portland Homeless Since Her Foster Mom Kicked Her Out at 13 #homelessness #foster care

Richard Wolff on Noam Chomsky & Anarchism

David Koch, Dead. | Explanation Of Drama Yesterday On Faultlines

The Future Classics Book Tag | Claire Reads Books 💜🏵✌🏾


A couple of pics I wanted to share:

An abstract art piece :3 I’m not done with it yet, tho. #isuck, anyway.
me and my siblings and dad. circa 1995, in Sudan. I’m the very fat infant on his lap :3 #force-fed. This is a crumply picture., but I still like it :3 I like my bro’s smile, I think he’s cute. c: my sister said the photographer told her to ‘look straight at the camera…’, but i think she took it too far 😅😘💜✌🏽I like her dress, tho.

Thank u for reading this



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